March 17th – A Week With Google Slides Day 6

On computers there are always multiple ways to accomplish any task.  This spirit is carried over to Google Slides as well.  You have keyboard shortcuts and buttons on the menu bar to accomplish basically the same task, but just different options.  Well sharing in Google Slides is somewhat similar in multiple ways to do it.

March 17th – “A Week With…” Google Slides

The traditional way to share a document or slides presentation was reviewed on March 12th but that was for more traditional means of collaborating with others.  Publish to the web allows you to embed the presentation in a webpage that people could access it that way.

Publish to Web
Publish to Web Option on Google Slides – Used the Embed option

To publish to the web (above) simply go Menu Bar > Publish to Web > select Link or Embed (my example is embed) and choose a size, then copy the HTML to the clipboard.

Then to use on a website (below) paste the HTML into the editor – I created a sample one in TextEdit and saved it as plain text and added “.html” to the end – and opened it up in Safari.  That way people can access and even pick which slide they want.

Publish to Web Pt2
Copy and Pasting into an HTML document

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