March 21st – Quicktime

We’ve had a busy last 10 days with “A Week With…” over Google Slides and then a day of Prezi and then Zaption.  Hopefully using all of these products will help in starting to transform your classroom to being more open and almost a “flipped” model in front loading information.  Zaption (and EdPuzzle) is great for existing videos, but why not take it a step further and create your own Screencast for students to watch.  This way you know your students and what questions they’ll be asking (part of what makes MOOC’s so difficult to produce for).  The next few days I’ll introduce you to a few different Screencasting products based on your individual OS (operating system).

March 21st – Quicktime

If you have a Mac, your doing the right thing.  The simplicity of its OS and applications make it second to none (you could probably guess I’m typing on a MacBook Pro right now).  Macs come with a ton of built in software and applications that you have to search the Internet/Chrome Store for on other OS’s and make sure you have installed in correctly, downloaded from a safe site, etc…  On January 13th I wrote about a clever iPad/iPhone and Quicktime hack – but if you do a “New Screen Recording” instead of a “New Movie Recording” you have the option to record the screen and your voice (if you turn the microphone on) and create a lesson tailored to your students.


The steps for Quicktime:
1.) On your Mac, open Quicktime (Applications > Quicktime OR cmmd + Spacebar for quick search OR Launchpad to “Other” and select Quicktime)
2.) Close first screen by clicking on “Done”
3.) Menu Bar > File > “New Screen Recording”
4.) Turn on Microphone
5.) Set screen size (Click for entire screen OR click and drag for selection)
6.) Stop recording in Menu Bar next to your Time and Battery Life and save it.


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