March 23rd – Screencastify

On our final day of screencast products (although there are MANY more out there) we look at something that isn’t OS specific, rather browser specific – Screencastify.

March 23rd – Screencastify

Screencastify is a Chrome Extension meaning it installs on the Chrome Browser and is available where ever you are logged in.  If that doesn’t make sense… it’ll be only on the computer you’ve installed the Screencastify extension.  The huge plus of Screencastify is that you can record on Chromebooks which don’t have (much of) an available hard drive so the recordings go directly into your Google Drive.  The downside is it records it into a format that isn’t very friendly with video editing software – it downloads as a .webm (I use a converter to change it to .mp4 or .mov).

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 1.17.52 PM
Screencastify Home Page taken March 23rd
(Notice I have already installed the product-yours will look different)

So basically over the past three days we’ve discussed three different options for Screencasting on three different platforms, trying to take away all excuses – just get out there and do it!  Try one, realize that you’ve messed up, delete it before the world can see and try again!  The Screencastify website (see above) has great tutorials (as does YouTube) to show you how to set it up and automatically save to your Google Drive.


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