March 24th – Hello Ruby

Today takes us back into the Computer Science space with a wonderful little book called Hello Ruby.  The latest trend in CS is to go younger and introduce concepts at a younger age – and this makes complete sense.  Every other subject students study and are tested on they have been doing for 10+ years, why not see what they can accomplish when studying CS for that long?  Scratch is a extremely popular coding language for kids that uses blocks, and has now been copied by a dozen developers getting into the game – it focuses on the concept rather than the syntax and Hello Ruby does the same.

March 24th – Hello Ruby

Hello Ruby is the product of Linda Liukas who wrote the book after thinking of “how a small fierce girl would tackle” problems that arose in learning to program.  The book “doesn’t teach any specific programming languages, but introduces the fundamentals of computational thinking that every future kid coder will need” – but enough from the author, this book is a great introduction to CS concepts and the “fierce” spirit of programmers today.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.10.07 AM.png

The book is great – gives nice examples of how to problem solve and models the spirit that can often be lost as we grow up and bound ourselves by what we think is possible verses impossible.  It also has some older person humor in it, as it is meant to be read along with children and parents together (including activities in the back). I found Hello Ruby from searching Ted Talks (which I do more than I like to admit) and found Linda Liukas giving one on Hello Ruby and the inspiration behind the book.  Watch below (12 minutes) and enjoy!


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