March 26th –

Continuing from yesterdays post on Dropbox, another cloud based storage system, is another “college project gone big” and focuses on collaboration in the cloud.

March 26th – is very similar to Dropbox.  It comes with 10 GB to start and multiple upgrade plans as well as corporate accounts that unlock a lot more storage.  Box has a similar organizing system of folders and shared documents, but what really separates Box is the ability to post something and it display as an embed document.  This means that you can share a PDF and then embed it on your website and be able to move back and forth through the pages and view them, rather than downloading and viewing.  Very powerful indeed.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 6.06.19 PM Home Page taken March 28th

Box also has Apps for almost every device and a great web browser interface.  With a free trial, 10 GB’s of storage and the instant ability to post and make it view able, why not take Box for a spin?


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