March 29th – Tweetping

Every once in a while I have a tool or website that I love but it doesn’t exactly fit into any narrative that I’ve been discussing (yes I try to have some flow to this) – today is another one of those days but the website Tweetping is so cool I just have to share it.

March 29th – Tweetping

The world is full of data.  People are constantly producing it (have been since the beginning of time) but now we are able to collect, sort and organize it.  A lesson I go through in the ECS curriculum is all about data stories.  Recently I was in Prince George’s County, MD facilitating a group and another facilitator, let’s call him Kevin B, introduced me to or tweet-ping, which is what the site does.  It provides a more in depth service to be able to follow trends and hashtags as posted, but the home page (see below) just shows every tweet sent since you’ve opened the website.  Amazing. March 29th from March 29th

Students don’t always get the bigger picture and understand their actions – this helps to see things in the bigger picture.  Tweetping also tells a great story in visual data.  Watching the US wake up (and start Tweeting) is a great visual for those East Coast schools that can log in early.  The screenshot above is an hour on a Tuesday night (from 7:45p to 8:45p EST) with no major US events and still over a 2,243 tweets a minute (or over 38 tweets a second!)

Visualization of data also leads to bigger questions.  “What do you think is happening in Brasil right now?”  “Are they always behind the US in Tweets?”  “Where is it the middle of the night?”  What would this look like on the weekend?”  “Why aren’t their any tweets from China?”  “Who is sending tweets in Antarctica?”  And so on…


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