April 5th – Google Keep

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) has changed a lot about how the school functions.  Teachers and students are collaboratively working on projects, the walls of the classroom have been expanded with Google Classroom and there is little to no more “lost homework”.  However, Google has some other great products that might not have an obvious place in education now, but can certainly be helpful and might be the app you’re looking for.

April 5th – Google Keep

Google Keep is a notes taking app for your phone that also has a web interface.  It’s Google’s answer to Evernote (which I’ll discuss later) which you can embed almost anything in a “note” and access from any device you are on.

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Google Keep includes voice memos, regular notes, checklist and you can include pictures.  You can easily share with others and they’ll get an email prompting them to open in “Keep” and post to their “board”.  My suggestion is to download the app, try it out for a day and find someone you can share a few notes with.  Within a few exchanges you’ll learn the ins and outs and Google Keep will be with you to stay!


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