April 7th – Quip

We might as well keep the notes app train moving!  April 5th I wrote about Google Keep, a great notes app, then April 6th I wrote about Evernote, the OG notes app.  In the past few years since Evernote, a lot of other businesses and companies have gotten in the notes game and it wouldn’t be fair just to mention the original and then the Google take on it – so today I bring you Quip.

April 7th – Quip

Quip is a venture into the Note app game with a very promising feature – real time collaboration.  Quip is built to support businesses (you setup a site account first thing) and then invite people into the site to collaborate.  Quip is a folder based system which has documents inside (as opposed to the “free-range” documents of Google Drive until you put them in a folder) and then multiple “team members” can login and collaborative work.  Quip has a nice chat room feature within the Folder that can definitely come in handy.

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Quip has a nice smartphone app (I’m in the iPhone version) that looks similar to the web version.  Quip works great as a folder storage and document system, the trick is finding someone to collaborate with so you can see the true power of the program.  So find that buddy that you started sharing Google Keep and Evernotes with (sometimes a spouse) and sign them up on your “team” for Quip.


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