April 9th – Notes Apps

Full disclosure – this probably should’ve been the first post in series that I started a few days ago – the basic notes app is really powerful on SmartPhones and before signing up for a lot of these other services, you should probably take this for a test drive.

April 9th – Basic Notes App

If you’ve never tuned in before – I’m a iPhone user, I’ve written about a few different iPhone specific hacks so I’m not as familiar with the Android OS but knowing Google products, they probably have something similar.

On the iPhone you can arrange your notes by the email account on your phone so if you need to organize by email for use on web apps.  Once inside the Notes app, you can type, but I think the most powerful thing is the voice typing on the bottom of the keyboard next to the space bar.  This is available all over the iPhone, but this is one of the few chances to take advantage of the long form.  Like in other iPhone apps, a simple double tap of a word allows you to Cut/Copy/Paste/Replace/BIU/Define/Share/Insert Photo.

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The Mac app allows you to connect your same accounts and quickly access anything you’ve done (typed/photos/said) on your phone.  This has some limitations, but is a free alternative to the other (possibly) pay products.


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