April 12th – “A Week With…” Google Sheets Day 1

The “A Week With…” series is back and this time it’s with Google Sheets.  The first few months have been focused on Google Apps for Education (GAFE) products because they are free and a lot of people are using them.  January featured Docs, February was Drive and March was Slides – this month it’s Sheets to complete the suite.

April 12th –  A Week With Google Sheets

Unlike Google Docs where I can assume people know the basics, I’ll start very fresh in Google Sheets.  The lines of Rows and Columns tend to scare people off from this powerful program, but remember, I am a self proclaimed geek of Google Sheets.

I use Google Sheets to organize the data students are giving me.  As the year begins, I need a lot of information from them.  I send out a Google Form for students to fill out first and last name, nicknames, emails addresses, previous experience, really anything I want to know (if elementary school you can do colors, birthday etc…) and I need a place to organize and sort through to make sense.  Google Sheets is perfect for that.

In my brain, the first thing I want to do is organize my data, and I think of a few ways to do that.  You don’t have to send out a Google Form to collect data, many teachers (high school and elementary) hand out index cards for the students to fill out and bring back.  Take that data and plug it into a Sheet to sort, filter and move around.

Horizontally there are rows numbered 1 through infinity, and vertically there are columns labeled A through AA through AB, AC, AD and BA, BB, BC, and on and on (hopefully you get the point).  Each row and column has a header column that has the label, and on the sides you can drag to make bigger or smaller.  You can also select cells (the individual row and column intersection) and change those colors to create a heading, or border or emphasize a cell.

All these basic skills are taught in a simple game of Battleship.  I’ve used different versions in the past, but I’ve included a recent presentation I created.


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