April 13th – “A Week With…” Google Sheets Day 2

Welcome back!  I say that in hopes that I didn’t scare people away with the Spreadsheet lesson…  Today we look at data and how to sort and organize it once collected.

April 13th – A Week With… Google Sheets

I’m a big fan of creating a Google Form and giving the students the link on the first day – this is very similar to the index card method which you collect names, nicknames, phone numbers, emails, etc…  Today we’ll look at simple ways to organize those things and a potential pitfall and how to fix it.

Once you have you data setup in columns and rows, if you roll over any of the column headers you’ll see an option for a “down arrow” it’ll give you menu options and one is to “Sort sheet A-Z” or “Sort sheet Z-A” which is great – but my second example (on the GIF below) shows the downfall – you might sort your header into the data.

Sheets Sort with no header
Google Sheet sorting with No Header Frozen

This is an easy fix.  On the Menu Bar > View > Freeze Rows/Columns we can freeze them which not only prevent them from being included in the data, but when we scroll down or across, it holds them and we can see what it is.

Sheets Sort with with header
Google Sheets sorting after header or “frozen” row

We can also instantly filter the results.  Filters work best with a LOT of data, not just 8 of the greatest British Musicians.  You setup a filter through Menu Bar > Insert > Filter (or you can select the one column you want a filter for.

Sheets Sort with filter
Google Sheets with Filter Sorting

In the GIF example above I have:

  • Applied Filters from Menu Bar > Data
  • Filter out all birthdays from 1941 and beyond and cleared that filter (by selecting all)
  • Selected only Bass and Guitar players, then filtered to see how was still alive in the “Died” column

So hopefully you can see how helpful this could be with a lot more data, or in setting up a “Do Now” Quiz and quickly checking who received certain scores and who you need to review with!



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