April 14th – “A Week With…” Google Sheets Day 3

After the last two days of Battleship and Filter/Sort, we’ll look at conditional formatting to continue on our basic skills journey.

April 14 –  A Week With… Google Sheets

Conditional Formatting is a great tool to get a snapshot of your students and their progress.  Whether you are filling in the spreadsheet or getting the answers from a Google Form, the cells can do multiple things when the right condition is applied.

exact conditionals in Google Sheets
Conditional Formatting with Exact Values

My best example is applying a color to the score to get a feel.  In the GIF above I’ve faked a simple math quiz and you either get the answer right (in green) or wrong (in red).  As you can see, All students got Question #2 correct, but everyone missed Question #3 – should I should probably spend more time reviewing that.  Once the conditional formatting is applied to Question #4, we’ll notice that Student #3 missed 3/4 questions so it might be time to sit down and find out what they are struggling with.

min:max conditionals in Google Sheets
Min/Max Conditionals in Google Sheets

Another example is with a larger group and coloring according to a min and max value, more of a bell curve approach.  In the GIF above the first 4 rows are a scoring rubric and row 4 is an =AVERAGE formula to get the average of the below values.  The columns are the scoring for the rubric for every student, so I setup a conditional with min value being yellow and max value being white in cells B5:B18 (the colon means through).  Now I can tell what students are doing well in the rubric item and which ones are struggling.



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