April 15th – “A Week With…” Google Sheets Day 4

Continuing in our “A Week With…” series on Google Sheets, in the last post we discussed conditional formatting, but I also mentioned a “=AVERAGE” formula – today I’ll discuss those in more detail.

April 15th – “A Week With…”  Google Sheets

Google Sheets has turned a lot of things upside down.  The addition of Google Forms allows people to collect data so easily, that you can see what’s going on more really understanding the basics of spreadsheets in Google Sheets, before this the very first lesson I would teach would be formulas because you always had to input data ourselves – this is progress!

Using the =SUM( to add up Students scores, then applying it to everyone

Formulas are what make spreadsheets work.  simply by selecting a cell and typing “=” you’ll get a dropdown menu of options to choose from and then a brief guide on how to use it.  The main go-to formula I use is “=SUM(”  The open parentheses means that anything that follows is going to be added together.  In the GIF above, I’ve started with a “=SUM(” and then clicked and dragged over Student #1 to see what they scored on the rubric.  Then clicked on the bottom right corner of the cell and drug the blue box over the rest of the cells to copy that formula – instant grades for everyone!

Other great formulas to play with are:
=AVERAGE – to get an average of the cells selected
=RAND – to get a random number between 0 and 1 (inclusive)
=RANDBETWEEN – to get a random number between a min and max that you assign
=HYPERLINK – to input a hyperlink with a different text
=IF – a conditional statement if the cell is equal to a value or “string” then assign a number
=VLOOKUP – is really powerful and allows you to search places for anything you assign



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