April 16th – “A Week With…” Google Sheets Day 5

Yesterday I spoke about Formulas in general and how powerful they can be.  In addition to the 5 or 6 I suggested, their are dozens more that you can explore.  I mentioned “=If(” as a formula and today I’ll explain a little further and how you can use it in your classroom.

April 16th – “A Week With…” Google Sheets and If/Then Formulas

This one is close to my heart – this formula is exactly what I teach in the first few lessons of any Scratch course and have been working it into conversations constantly.  If/Then even has two (and probably more) websites devoted to it (IFTTT and Zapier) so it makes sense that you could use it in Excel, Numbers (the Apple product) and Google Sheets.

The formula breaks down as =if(<<condition>>, <<points if condition is true>>, <<points if condition is false>>).

If:then formulas
Adding Columns, Removing Conditional Formatting, Adding If/Then Formulas, Adding possible points together

In the GIF above I have:

  • Created a new column to the right of “Question 4” to evaluate points if the question was answered correctly
  • Removed the Conditional Formatting by changing the cell was are in the condition
  • Then in C2, I added a If/Then statement to check if B2 was correct (value of 3), the condition B2 was true (it equaled 3) so 1 point was placed in C2
  • I copied the formula down and Student #3 missed the question so it was a “0” which was in the original If/Then formula
  • I did that next to all the Questions and Answers, then added a “=SUM(” formula to add the scores together

In two days I’ve review this process and take it a step further in creating an online grade book – so practice and play around and stay tuned!



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