April 17th – “A Week With…” Google Sheets Day 6

One very powerful thing about Google Sheets and spreadsheets is the ability to have placeholders which you can then put in the values and the sheet (if setup correctly) would automatically add the values (using the “=SUM(” formula or something similar).  Sometimes you need to have one page that is a culmination of other formulas and sheets.  In Google Sheets (and Numbers and Excel) you can reference these different sheets to have one clean sheet that just displays information.

April 17th – “A Week With…” Google Sheets and Linking Sheets Together

Being a self proclaimed spreadsheet geek, I end up making one at least one a day.  It’s how my mind organizes information and it doesn’t stop during the school year.  For the past few years I’ve been sharing a spreadsheet with my wife about our summer travel plans.  The problem is sharing a huge sheet with all of the different options can get overwhelming – so I’ve created multiple sheets on the bottom which are each of our days and then one overview sheet that give a quick look (it’s easier and she can see the details on the individual pages).

linking sheets
Linking Sheets together

In the GIF above I’ve created a mock up of travel plans with the days as sheets on the bottom of the spreadsheet with one as “Overview”.  Each day can flex and change, but as long as I link it back to the original “Overview” sheet it’s easy to keep track of.  The “Overview” page just has the grand total and the total for each days spending, and on the individual day, the total can change based on what is happening that day (in our case if tickets are available).  To link I simply select the cell I want (B3 in example) and start “=SUM(” then click on the sheet below and then the cell and press enter.  You can see it fill in as “=SUM(‘Aug 12th’ !B6)” which means the sheet and then (!)cell number. This way I can control the individual details on each day and the “Overview” is very simple.

***Disclaimer: I know there are a ton of helpful spending tracking apps out there, but honing my skills makes it easier to create the grade book which is tomorrow’s post.


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