April 20th – Google Forms

With yesterdays post on formMule utilizing a Google Form, I don’t actually know how many people are that familiar with the brilliance that is the Google Form App from Google Drive.

April 20th – Google Forms

Google Forms is another free GAFE (Google Apps for Education) that records data into a spreadsheet.  You can design the look and have simple questions which the user sees, and then you receive the data in a sortable, searchable Google Sheet.

Google Forms pt1
Getting to Google Forms

You can access Google Forms by visiting your Google Drive, then the red “New” button on left hand side, then scroll down to the More > and Google Forms.  It’s not considered a “core service” like Docs, Slides or Sheets, but it’s just as useful.

Google Forms pt2
Google Forms Intro

Google Forms has gone through a redesign in the last few months and is getting more user-friendly by the day.  In the GIF above I titled the Form, gave a description, titled a question, choose different types of responses and duplicated my question.  If you want to sort, make sure that you give selected questions as responses – otherwise the computer will read “computer” and “Computer” differently based on the capitalization.

Google Forms pt3

In the settings for the Google Form you can (as shown in the GIF above): change the color, view a preview of the survey (which is the URL I always share with people), and manage who can access the document.  If this is outside the organization, i.e. parents, make sure you don’t have the “only people in my organization can access button”.

Google Forms pt4
Searching through Add-On’s and activating formLimiter

Finally Google Forms as Add-Ons which you can access from the three dot menu button on the far right hand side.  Add-On’s are scripts that allow you to change and control the form closer.  My favorite is formLimiter which controls the amount of people that can submit a response on a form, which is great when people are signing up for activities after school.



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