April 21st – formLimiter

Since I have this bad habit of introducing a tool associated with another tool, and claiming “I’ll write about this later” – well today that stops!  New Visions Cloud Lab has been featured multiple times because they do great work – but there might be similar Add-On’s available, I just have my go-to group.

April 21st – formLimiter

Google Forms are great – use them in your classroom all day to collect student data and answers.  Make little “do now” quizzes that instantly grade and return to the students using formMule or autoCrat, but then you get into making a form that the public has access to and you need to cut it off at a certain point.  Every day you log into that form and check to see if people have signed up and it basically consumes your day – until you realize there must be a better way.  formLimiter allows you to setup conditions which when they are met, it doesn’t allow access to your forms – amazing!

formLimiter already installed and using number of responses option

In the GIF above I have already added the formLimiter add-on (see April 20th post, last GIF) so I access it by clicking on the “puzzle piece” icon on the top.  Then I simply select a Date/Time or a Number of responses, then adjust me message and clicked “yes” on emailing me when it has reached it’s max.

***Note: I selected 75 as the max because I’m assuming everyone will want two tickets (I mean, it’s The Day After Tomorrow – everyone wants to see that) but if there are a few seats left over because of singles, you could turn in back on and adjust.



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