April 30th – Infographics

In today’s society, data is everywhere.  We create data with each step we take, not only with the physical steps, but our GPS position, our heart rate, the wear on our shoes – it can be overwhelming.  A big part of Computer Science is making sense of the data and seeing how we can use it to our advantage.

April 30th – Infographics

We’ll look at a few infographic tools later, but while the last post was on “The Internet Minute” we’ll talk about the power of visuals and how helpful they can be.  The last post had some helpful visuals to show everything that happens in a minute on the internet, Tweetping.net is powerful to show how people are communicating all of the world in an instant, even a subway map is an infographic that shows information.

When given the opportunity to look at 10,000 rows of data in a spreadsheet, or plot those on a map, which would you rather do?  Which is more effective of a method?

Now the problem is that we can’t give a computer the NYC Subway map and have them scan and plot the stops in a spreadsheet.  So the computer prefers the spreadsheet to produce the map, after a clear algorithm to process and plot the information of course.

NYC Subway Map taken from web.mta.info on May 23rd.

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