May 3rd – Tiny Scanner

In continuing with the paperless classroom theme I started yesterday, just wanted to put another tool out there. The functionality of Tiny Scanner and Genius Scan are very similar, just a different interface.  I would download both and try them out!

May 3rd – Tiny Scanner

Yesterday I spoke of the pains of printer, paper and toner – today I’m going to try to take a more positive tone!  Tiny Scanner (sometimes Tiny Scan – but both by Appxy) and Genius Scan both have free and paid versions with different functionalities and different ways you can share the PDF you’ve created.

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Tiny Scanner (and Genius Scan) can help to produce equity within the classroom by giving everyone equal access to the text at hand.  Now to be truly equity, you need to address individual needs, but giving everyone access to the text is a good start.


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