May 6th – ThingLink

Way back before the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and coming soon the Apple Car(?) Apple was a huge player in Education.  Not saying that they aren’t now, just they have bled into the mainstream and often times people don’t think of Apple and education first anymore, but when Apple was in education they had these really great applications like Hyperstudio.  Hyperstudio allowed students to take bits of information from everywhere and put it all in one document that someone could visit and learn all they needed to.  It was amazing and actually what a lot of schools try to do now.  One tool that can help them is called ThingLink, a Hyperstudio for 2016.

May 6th – ThingLink

Hyperstudio had a landing page where a student could link information to buttons that they added.  ThingLink does the same thing, but in a jazzer, faster, more 2016 kinda way.  In ThingLink (for Education) you start with a background and then are able to click and add text boxes, images and hyperlinks to anything on that background.

This allows you to interact with the picture, something that I had suggested in Padlet but this is a little more advanced, and doesn’t allow multiple people working at the same time. Accounts are free so I suggest signing up, checking out the “featured” and get inspired!


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