May 7th – Arduino

This continues the thread about MakerSpaces from April 23-28th…

As your potential Makerspace grows, so will the complexity of the projects your students create will increase as well.  You might need a more advanced circuitry board for bigger and better projects.  A step above the MaKey MaKey and MakeSense is the affordable Arduino board.

May 7th – Arduino

The Arduino board is a great way to introduce students to physics and circuitry.  It’s great to experiment with and universally used, there are dozens of extensions and guides to help you along the way.  The Arduino board uses a solderless breadboard so you can plug and play and has an easy library to install and interact with Processing or the Arduino IDE that you can download.

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Arduino’s can be a bit intimidating to begin, but are really user-friendly if you continue to work with them.  Arduino also has a HUGE community that love the product so you’ll never be that far from someone who wants to show you the power and creativity you can unlock with the board.  Full disclosure: it has a breadboard and resisters which are color coded, which is challenging for color-blind students (like myself) so keep that in mind and think of good ways to support those students too!


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