May 11th – A Week With iBooks Author

Typically I don’t like to introduce products that are OS specific, but I just finished a large project in iBooks Author so I felt I should write about it, for a week.

May 11th – A Week With iBooks Author

iBooks Author is free download for the Mac from the App Store and gives you the ability to create iBooks (also PDF’s without any interaction) for the iBooks App on your Mac or iPhone/iPad.  It functions much like other book creation programs but has some pretty powerful options with the “widgets” you can add in makes iBook Author pretty powerful.

Getting Started:
Seeing as how iBooks Author is a download (free) but doesn’t come with the Mac OS, I’m going to assume most people haven’t seen much of it.  First download from the App Store and open the program.  Much like Apple’s iWork Suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) iBooks Author starts with templates and you can pick from pre-styled iBooks.

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On the main landing page you’ll see the formatting options along the top of the screen, along with Widgets and the Inspector/Media/Colors/Fonts options that pop-out separate windows with other options (like other Apple iWork products).

Along the left hand side you’ll see Intro Media, Table of Contents, and Glossary.  With this being a digital/interactive book, you can have a video play as the intro media.  The Glossary option is pretty amazing because you create glossary words as objects, that you can just drag and drop into “similar words”, and because the book is digital – the index feature instantly finds all the words through out the book without listing page numbers.

From this point you might want to check out some free books on the iBooks App.  I’d suggest searching “One Best Thing” which will give you a collection of Apple Distinguished Educator iBooks that tend to show off what the program can do.


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