May 12th – A Week With iBooks Author

Yesterday I introduced the basic layout of iBooks Author, a free download for your Mac.  We looked at the templates and the basic tools that were immediately visible, today we’ll take a deeper dive into some of the options with the visible tools.

May 12th – A Week With iBooks Author

My thinking is just to move from left to right in terms of the tools we have available.  The view button is the first option on the left side, but that is pretty self explanatory.  The next set of buttons are Text, Shapes, Tables, Graphs, Widgets.  We’ll start with Shapes.

Shapes can be pre-created as shown when you click on the shape and the drop down offers a few shapes to choose from.  Each shape is really powerful with the amount of customization you have.  The blue dot (shown below) allows you to change the inside of the shape.

iBooks Author Shape Modification

The pen tool is powerful in allowing you to make a multiple sized shape and then create a vector graphic that you can resize without any resolution loss.

iBooks Author Shape Creation

All of the shapes can be double clicked on and typed inside creating text boxes as well, this includes the shapes you create.

iBooks Author Shape Creation and Modification



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