May 13th – A Week With iBooks Author

For the third day of our iBooks Author study we’ll start looking at Widgets.  These are one of the most powerful tools that iBooks Author has so I’ll spend a few days in a few different parts going over these.

May 13th – A Week With iBooks Author

There are 9 widgets: Gallery, Media, Review, Keynote, Interactive Image, 3D, Scrolling Sidebar, Pop-Over, HTML.

I’ll do this in 4 days, grouping some similar widgets together, but really all the widgets have separate purposes.


The Gallery is just a collection of pictures that you can add captions to and the user can scroll through or select a certain “dot” to go to a specific one.  Simply drag and drop the images you want on top of the widget (once added) and iBooks Author will add them.  To change the order look to the “Inspector” floating window and drag to the desired order.

iBooks Author Gallery Widget


The media is very similar (actually the same) as the Gallery where you can drag a video on top of the widget (after added to page) and use the “Inspector” floating window to adjust the poster image and other options. Note: it takes a few minutes to process the video so I skipped to an already processed Media Widget.

iBooks Author Media Widget

Interactive Image:

The Interactive Image widget is very cool.  You can drag and drop a larger image on the widget, then set the zoom level.  Once you’ve set the zoom level, you can click and add zoom points that will have adjustable zooms (that you’ll set again) when you can zoom into a picture.

iBooks Author Interactive Widget


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