May 14th – A Week With iBooks Author

Day 2 of Widget work with iBooks Author.  Yesterday we did: Gallery, Media, and Interactive Images.  Today we focus on slightly more interactive widgets.

May 14th – A Week With iBooks Author

Yesterday was just watching, today is clicking and interacting with text.  We’ll take a look at Review, 3D, Scrolling Sidebar, and Pop-Over.


Review is a simple quiz embed in the book to “review” what you’ve read.  Very simple to put in the questions (with multiple formats) and then review.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3D objects come in many file extensions, but you’ll need to use “.dae” or COLLADA file.  Place the 3D placeholder on the page and select the .dae file in the Inspector window.  The tricky part is to interact with it you’ll need to check it out in preview mode.  You’ll need to create the 3D object in another program like SketchUp.

iBooks Author 3D Widget
The 3D house was previously created

Scrolling Sidebar:

The scrolling sidebar is a great tool for added text, but you don’t want a full page.  You can add the Widget then type inside and drag and drop a picture in.

iBooks Author Scrolling Widget


Pop-Over is a picture that has a caption pop out with more information.  Much like the the Scrolling Sidebar, just an added way to add text to a page without making another page.

iBooks Author Pop Out Widget


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