May 15th – A Week With iBooks Author

Two days of Widgets down, one to go!  So far we’ve covered Gallery, Media, Interactive Image, Review, 3D, Scrolling Sidebar and Pop-Over, today we look at Keynote and HTML.

May 15th – A Week With iBooks Author

Keynote and HTML are just like the 3D option, you’re going to have to create something outside of iBooks Author and bring it in.  For Keynote its a little easier and for HTML it takes a learning curve for another program (which we will cover once this “week” is done).


The Keynote widget is great, you can easily embed the Keynote into your iBook and the reader can control the Keynote with animations built in.  A quick tip from : Richards: Put your Keynote in automatic play mode and the Keynote Widget turns into a GIF – this was a life saver.

iBooks Author Keynote Widget
Once you’ve added the Keynote, your Mac will open Keynote to convert the file, I paused for that!


HTML is a Widget that is HTML5 web clips or my new best friend: Bookry (post coming soon).  HTML has amazing possibilities, ones that I hope to explore, but for now I used Bookry to create HTML5 Widgets and place them in the iBook, nothing to fancy… yet.

iBooks Author HTML Widget

Editing Widgets:

One thing I forgot to mention.  All of the Widgets are this light gray color, but with the Inspector window you can select different colors, fonts and other stylistic choices.  Have fun!

iBooks Author Modify Widget


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