May 16th – A Week With iBooks Author

Alright! 5 days of iBooks down and 2 to go.  I hope that by now you’ve download the program and are thinking of a few projects to play around with!  Well today I hope to help you with that as we walk through styling and converting Word text to iBooks Author.

May 16th – A Week With iBooks Author

Over the past few days we’ve looked at Widgets and how they can make an iBook interactive.  Hopefully you were thinking to yourself: “This is great but I already have a novel typed up and I don’t want to type or copy and paste it again” – well you’re in luck, iBooks Author makes it easy to control formatting with their styling drawer.

First you can import a Microsoft Word document right into iBooks Author. Go to “Insert” on the Menu Bar and then “Insert Chapters From…” and select your Word document and how you want it put into your iBooks Document.

iBooks Author Import
The Westchester County Girl Scout requirements for a Computer Programming badge

Once imported, the formatting might be off due to difference of machine or Windows to Mac, plus iBooks Author has great formatting and styling options.  From here you can use the Styling Drawer (the blue paragraph symbol on the far left side) to open the drawer and select the style of your text.  Even though mine is simple, it still looks good -thanks to the pre-set styles.

iBooks Author Styling


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