May 18th – Bookry

So fresh of our “A Week With…” series with iBooks Author, I wanted to introduce you to two 3rd party apps for the HTML widget.  The first one we’ll focus on, in today’s post, is Bookry.

May 18th – Bookry

Bookry is a website with a free sign in, then a collection of options to modify and download a HTML5 Widget to place into your iBooks project.

Bookry is free to sign in, then you will search for the Dashboard, then the Widget Library to pick a Widget.  You’ll need to create a “book” to place the Widget in, but will be able to download later for your iBook project.  Then explore the options with the different Widgets, Save and Download then add into your iBooks Author project!

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It’s worth playing around with some of the options and downloading and installing them into your iBook – I found some pretty great one that work seamlessly.


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