May 20th – Canva

While we are in the graphic design mode, I’ll introduce you to an amazing tool that my Director of Technology swears by: Canva.

May 20th – Canva

Whether we like it or not, we are constantly judged by our outward appearence, and this is no more true than our graphic designs on the web.  In teaching web design and Internet research, you can tell if a site is worth your time by one glance – and this is also something that might bring us in even more.  Canva is a great tool for professional looking graphics for free (or you can pay for some designs).

In Canva, once you sign up for a free account, you have access to templates and popular sizes to create a presentation, social media post, Facebook banner, just about anything you can think of.  Then you have layouts, elements, background, and text options to create something professional looking.  Like most of the products here – you’ll just need to take it out for a spin.  Bring out the amateur graphic designer in you!



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