May 22nd – A Week With Google Draw

So this month I had originally planned on doing Google Draw as the “A Week With” series, but with my project I wanted to dive into what iBooks Author had to offer.  Well, the last time I checked (3 minutes ago) this was my blog and I can do what I want!  So here’s a week with Google Draw (really, who is losing out in this scenario?)

May 22nd – A Week With Google Draw

Google Draw is another little known part of the GAFE (Google Apps for Education) series.  It has the same ability to share and collaborate as the other products do, which makes it incredibly useful.  Since this is on the “second page” of options (like Google Forms) I’ll start with the basics and move up from there.

One of the most basic things you’ll be drawn to is the shapes option.  The shapes come in four categories, and once the shape is selected, based on the shape, you’ll have a yellow-ish diamond that you can drag to resize.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of the shapes are vector graphics, meaning you can resize without pixelation which is a huge bonus.



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