May 24th – A Week With Google Draw

In the three days of Google Draw we’ve covered the basics, looked at Shapes and Lines, today we’ll cover text, layers and how to start putting everything together.

May 24th – A Week With Google Draw

Google Draw is a great go to for quick shapes and graphics that you might want to place quickly in a Google Slides presentation or Google Doc, but it is a powerful graphic design program with a lot of the bells and whistles of the more popular programs.


The text box is pretty similar to other text boxes in programs.  Click on the “T” within the box, then click on the canvas to start typing.  You can change the font, size, alignment, color just like you would in a Google Doc, but select the text first.  You can also select the entire text box and change the background or “fill color”.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 8.34.08 AM
Text modified with “center alignment”


Once you start putting down shapes and text boxes, you might put down a text box, and then put down a shape after that, well the program layers these objects like stickers, and puts the last one on top.  Fortunately you can easily right click on the object, select “Order” and send back, to the back, or bring forward depending on what you want to happen.

Google Draw Layers
Google Draw adding shapes and changing the ordering or layers.

I tell my students about this feature early because it opens up so many possibilities in design.


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