May 25th – A Week With Google Draw

So far in Google Draw we’ve looked at the Basics of Shapes, creating and drawing lines, and text boxes and layering. Today we’ll look at the instant arrangement features to put that text box in the exact middle of the page (if you want it there).

May 25th – A Week With Google Draw

Once you’ve placed a bunch of shapes and text boxes on the canvas, you might want to play around with them a bit.  Yesterday we used the “Order” feature to shift between the layers, but what if you want a text box in the exact middle, then shapes around it (or in line).  Google Draw has a easy feature for that.

Google Draw has the same gridlines feature that Google Slides has, where when you drag the object around the page, a blue line tells you if it matches other objects or is in the middle of the page.  Using the arrange feature helps keep the clicking and dragging to a minimum.

Google Draw Arrange

First select the object (otherwise the computer doesn’t know what to move) and then select from the menu options under “Arrange”.  Pretty simple but also very powerful for precision graphic design!


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