May 26th – A Week With Google Draw

When creating multiple shapes, it’s difficult to move them all at the same time.  Google Draw (and other programs) have a nifty little tool that allows us to group objects together and that makes life a lot easier when making minor adjustments.

May 26th – A Week With Google Draw

If we were drawing a stick figure in Google Draw, we would use a circle, then a bunch of line tools to create the body, arms and legs.  The “body” could attach to the head if we connect the body directly to the head, but the arms and legs are independent.  What happens when we need the stick figure three inches to the left?  Do we need to move every single piece?  No, we just group them.  Put all the pieces down, then click and drag to select all the pieces, right click (two finger click on a Chromebook or MacBook Pro) and “Group” the objects.  Then you can easily drag the stick figure (hopefully you have more artistic talent than me) around to different parts of your screen.

Google Draw Grouping


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