May 27th – A Week With Google Draw

As we are starting to get the hang of the shapes, text and layers – we should look at some common problems, that might be something you want to have happen.  Today I’ll show you how to resize, mirror and rotate your images.

May 27th – A Week With Google Draw

Recently I’ve been doing an “assessment” with my 3rd Graders to figure out what they’ve learned this year in Scratch in the 6 lessons they’ve had with me.  A challenge point to this process is how to “assess” them without having the technology being a barrier to their knowledge.  Since they are in 3rd Grade, they can’t signup for Scratch accounts, and Scratch has yet to create a “school account” so students don’t need an email and the teacher can signup for them (been promised it’s coming for a few years now).  So I took it into my own hands and screenshot each block in Scratch, used the Magic Wand tool (post coming soon!) to create a transparent image and dropped the blocks into a Google Draw document.

In my head the students would just drop and drag the cutout images onto the colored block – but it wasn’t that simple, they played and stretched and distorted the block images, and I quickly saw I needed to teach into a few more skills, so I did and now I’m writing about it!


Every image has the tiny squares around the side, simply click and drag to resize.  The corners will keep the ratio (portrait or landscape) and the sides will change width and height.

Google Draw Resize


By dragging one of the sides or top squares in the center of the figure (not the corners), you’ll be able to mirror the image horizontally or vertically.  This didn’t help in the assessment listed above, but could be used purposefully.

Google Draw Mirror


You can rotate by 90 or 180 degrees by using the “Arrange” menu option, or grab the little outcropping on the square and click and drag to move around.  This option gives you complete control of the angle.

Google Draw Rotate


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