May 31st – Myst

Well this has turned into a walk down memory lane.  Yesterday I spoke of Monkey Island, a LucasArts game developed in 1990 that taught me problem-solving and critical-thinking skills (also added to my sense of humor), today I bring you another classic computer game that brought similar skills without a lot of interaction – Myst.

May 31st – Myst

Myst was developed in 1993 and was as mysterious as the name.  You start on an island with clues to work together to figure something out, but what that is – you don’t know.  There are a few major objects, books, that lead to some clues but you are alone and trying to figure this out on your own.  Similar to Monkey Island, you can’t really die in the game (or at least it’s very difficult to), you just work through problems and come up with creative solutions to solve the mystery of the 2 young men and their father.

Similar to Monkey Island, this game is available for purchase through Cyan’s website (the games manufacturer) or on the App Store.  Happy Hunting!


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