June 1st – Cargo-Bot

Today we are sticking with the video game theme, but jumping to the present day.  Educational video games are now being produced in the 100’s with new apps coming out almost every single day.  Some are good, some are bad – all are reviewed by Common Sense media.  One that ranks high on Common Sense is Cargo-Bot – mainly because it’s strictly educational.

June 1st – Cargo-Bot

Cargo-Bot is a free download for your iPad – it was developed and created on an iPad using the Codea software (post on this tomorrow).  Cargo-Bot is a logic based game which the user/player/student gives instructions to the Cargo-Bot to stack the boxes in a certain order.  The game gets progressively harder as you are introduced to loops, multiple programs and conditionals and you can also have an efficiency score (stars) to see how well you used your “code”.

This is exactly what I love about Computer Science.  You just have to try: you have a problem with multiple solutions – find one.  Once you’ve found it, you aren’t done (although you can be) – find an easier way/find a more efficient way and keep getting better.  There are dozens of games like this out there, Cargo-Bot was just one of the first I found and it’s really good.  It’s a free download for your iPad so check it out – and don’t blame me for how much time you end up spending on it.


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