June 2nd – Codea

Codea is the iPad IDE that created yesterday’s post, Cargo-Bot. With Apps being all the rage today, Codea created an App that you can create other Apps for – very thinking outside the box vision there.

June 2nd – Codea

Codea flips the script on traditional programming.  For a majority of the App out there you need to know Objective-C (or Swift, Java, C++) and then a IDE on your computer which you can program onto, then have a developers account (Apple products) or upload to the store and try to get found – this is a lot of work.  Codea brings all that experience to one device, in the palm of your hand.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 3.53.38 PM
Two Lives Left Codea Home Page taken June 2nd

Within a few minutes of downloading Codea, you can see how easy it is to play around with the existing samples and figure out the mechanics of the program.  Color Pickers make graphic design easy, and asset libraries make creating characters a snap.  Within a few swipes you can change one of the existing programs and suddenly you’re hooked.

I feel most people today, including students, are attracted to the visual aspect of things.  Codea seems to understand that and caters to those needs perfectly.  It’s a pricey download ($14.99) but worth the trial (versus purchasing more tries on Two Dots, when you can just wait a few minutes…) so check it out!


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