June 4th – CodePen

Back on March 11th I wrote about Thimble, a great product from Mozilla that you can include CSS and JavaScript files.  Recently I found out about another such product with a few added features – CodePen.

June 4th – CodePen

CodePen is a simple online editor that allows you to create HTML, CSS and JavaScript all on the same page.  CodePen comes with a few more options, in the example it shows you how to include SCSS – the use of variables in CSS, but really you just need to play with it to see if it suits your needs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition to the SCSS you can change the layout, see the individual html, css and js pages and a dozen other smart design things that help budding web designers.

CodePen is free to sign up (might need to scroll down the page to see the free option) so sign up, copy and paste some of your existing HTML pages in and see what CodePen can do for you!


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