June 6th – Khan Academy

In the spirit of HTML and online pacing, today we’ll check out one of the most popular online courses available – Khan Academy.

June 6th – Khan Academy

While Khan Academy is an extensive website with a lot of material – I’m writing because I was thinking about the HTML section coming off the W3Schools post yesterday.  In Khan Academy you can take a progressive course that has videos, activities, quizzes and projects to complete and show your knowledge of the topic.  The Intro to HTML has 10 segments (combination of lessons and activities) and then jumps into CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for 9 segments, then bounces back and forth introducing new skills.

The course is easy to follow and engaging – with activities that you can build the basics of what they are asking, or venture off on your own and create something really great.  It’s free to sign up so create an account and learn something!

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Oh wait!  Before I leave you I forgot to mention the most powerful thing – the teacher dashboard.  As a teacher I can create a class, assign Khan Academy assignments and see what the students are doing, how they are progressing and what they are struggling with.  Really great for those day when I had to be absent for conferences and family events.


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