June 7th – A Week With Google Sites

Since the past few posts (CodePen, W3Schools, Khan Academy) have been about web design, I thought I should jump into the “A Week With” series on Google Sites.

June 7th – A Week With Google Sites

Google Sites is another unknown in the GAFE world.  It’s not (usually) an immediate option and a lot of people don’t utilize it.  With it’s integration and ease of access to everything else Google, it’s a easy quick fix to expanding the walls of your classroom.

A Quick Note: Google Classroom is awesome, but it feels like its more of a dynamic ever changing website, versus a website that has a lot of resources.  Of course one can use the “About” tab to paste resources, but I would suggest having two websites- a static (Google Sites) and dynamic (Google Classroom) so students can interact and participate and also find all of their classroom resources.

To start a Google Site we have a few options.  1.) If you are on an education organization you can find Google Sites on the “grid” in the top right corner. 2.) If you are NOT on a educational account search the grid and click “More” then “Even More” and scroll down to the “Home and Office” options. 3.) Best Option Type sites.google.com into your URL and you’ll be taken to the landing page.

Google Sites

Once there you can browse the gallery for templates or choose a blank one.

The “pencil” icon on the top right hand side of the page is your edit button – HOWEVER I’d suggest you memorize the hotkey “e” because you’ll be editing a lot in Google Sites.

Google Sites Editing.gif

Before we go any further, you need to think about the purpose of the website and what you are going for.  You should have some text in mind because, as you can see, there is a lot of text to fill in.  So take some time to think about the audience and content and then come back to Google Sites to continue.


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