June 9th – A Week With Google Sites

After looking at the basics on starting a Google Site and general editing options, now we’ll look at what makes a Google Site a webpage – the interactive options.

June 9th – A Week With Google Sites

Once you click on the “pencil” icon (or use the HotKey ‘e’) you’ll get your simple formatting options – but you also get a Menu Bar with “Insert”, “Format”, “Table”, “Layout” and “Help”.  Today we’ll look at all the options that “Insert” has to offer.

The Insert menu option has three columns: Common, Gadgets and Google – today we’ll just look at the 1st column.  The first column is something you have hopefully seen before – Image, Link, Table of Contents, Subpage Listing and Horizontal Line.

Google Sites Insert Options

Image is easy and the same uploading format as other Google products.

Link is the same as if you selected text and used the Menu Bar icon (or Cmmd+K/Cntrl+K) to insert a link.

Table of Contents is similar to when we’d use Headings and the Table of Content would automatically create a Table of Contents based on those headings.

Subpage Listing is only really available if you have Subpages (and this is something you’ve added in the top right corner).  Google Sites allows you to create a website with webpages within it – and this option gives automatically creates links to them.

Horizontal Line is just that, a horizontal line across the length of the page.  In HTML this is <hr/> and creates a nice line of separation.




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