June 10th – A Week With Google Sites

After the first few days, I’ve realized that you might have a bunch of content that you want to organize and start populating multiple pages.  I was going to do this post last, but we should be focused in getting a majority of the content down before the styling comes into play.

June 10th – A Week With Google Sites

Once we’ve started our webpage and copying content in, we might want to add pages.  Next to the “edit” button (which you know only use the ‘e’ key right?) you’ll notice a page icon with the addition sign inside (and the HotKey ‘c’). When you click on it you have a few options: Web Page, Announcements, File Cabinet, List, Start Page.

Google Sites Insert Pages

Web Page is pretty much just a blank page with no preset form.  You can add attachments along the bottom.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 6.40.33 PM

Announcements is really a blog roll that you can post blogs and the newest is at the top.

Google Sites Announcemnets

File Cabinet is a page which stores and organizes your files that you upload.  These files can be from your computer or Google Drive.

Google Sites File Cabinet

List is a table feature which you can provide content and then use the traditional sorting arrows to sort and filter the information.

Google Sites List Page

Start Page is a main page with a Gadget front and center as a “splash page” to welcome people to your website.

Google Sites Start Page

My suggestion: Same as the others – you got to add pages and try them out!


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