June 14th – siteMaestro

After a week with Google Sites, we look at another incredibly helpful Add-On from our friends at New Visions Cloud Lab.

June 14th – siteMaestro

siteMaestro is another in the long list of helpful Google Scripts that New Visions Cloud Lab has created.  siteMaestro allows you to digitally assign or “hand out” a Google Sites Template (much like Doctopus) and keep track of everything in a nice Google Sheet to review, access and keep track of revisions.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 9.54.58 AM

Like all New Visions products, there is a helpful intro video on the website and dozens on YouTube from people who have tried the product and liked it enough to make a screencast of it.  We used it when we assigned all of the 9th Graders a “digital portfolio” which is a current trend (and good one) in education.

Like most products, type in a few emails addresses of your own (and a friend or two) to have a test run and see how everything works before jumping into your class.  Like everything in tech, there is a certain workflow that you have to test first and then you life is make easier.


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