June 15th – Wix

After spending a week talking about Google Sites – you might have followed along and realized you want something more.  There are a dozen or more websites out there that give you more flexibility and options, but with more bells and whistles come more things to learn.  If you’re up for the challenge I’m going to introduce a few different website “creators” over the next few days with a introduction, then pros and cons – first up?  Wix.

June 15th – Wix

Wix is a “free” website builder that is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) platform so the changes that you make on the screen automatically effect, they don’t need to be reformatted by the website to fit yours.

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Wix first asks what are you creating a website for and then leads you to a multitude of template options for whatever your reasoning is.  The template you choose pops up with directions to “double click to change text” and similar instructions.  On the left hand side there are buttons to click on that give you more options and text.

Here is a link to the Wix YouTube channel with great tutorials on how to get started.


The templates look great and are friendly to novice users.  Also allows you to “edit” the mobile view so that you can reach a wider audience with the appropriate design for the platform.


Being a WYSIWYG format, changes have to be made all the time.  This is tough because a lot of websites have a “blog roll” format where the latest post is at the top.  Wix gives you a “blog” page, but only one so use it wisely.


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