June 17th – Weebly

Continuing in our brief introduction to different Website creators/editor we look at Weebly today.

June 17th – Weebly

Weebly is a similar format to Wix just with different templates and buttons rather than drop down menus.  This is not to say that Weebly isn’t worth checking out – that’s the beautiful things about the human brain, we are all hard wired differently and the small changes to a system can mean huge changes to the way we think – so give it a shot!


Weebly is another free service with a few paid templates and added features which are pay for (like HD video).


Weebly is incredibly user friendly.  You control the entire screen and everything that’s on it and that you see.  Drop and drag a button here, add a picture there, change this text and you do that all from the end user view


The paid for products are always annoying – but the website/business has to make its money somehow.  I think the general biggest con to this websites is that not everyone has a good eye for website design OR doesn’t have the time for it.  I use a WordPress (posts coming all next week) blog because I want to just be able to blog everyday and it go to the website, no fumbling around with design (I’m personally focused on the content)



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