June 18th – A Week With WordPress

As June has become unofficial “internet month” on this blog – I figured I should go into more depth on my blog and the benefits of the content managed website.  WordPress has two different options – .com and .org.  Both are free, “.com” is less involved and “.org” is for those more tech savvy (that will be the last day of this week long series).

June 18th – A Week With WordPress

Like Google Sites, I’m going to assume you know very little about WordPress so I’m going to start with the setup and basics, then move to posting and advanced posting, then management and additional collaborators and finally WordPress.org.

WordPress is free to sign up and like the other mentioned website creators, you’ll need to choose a template first.  Once you’ve chosen a template, you’ll be able to “Add” a new blog entry.  This screen should be pretty familiar to us – it has all of the similar features of bolditalicsunderlined, along with text alignment and other various formatting things. The very first icon on the formatting bar is the “Add Media” and this can be very helpful to see the various options.

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When we click on “Add Media” we have an upload screen that can accept images and gif’s – much of which you’ve seen in this blog over the days.  Using a program like LICEcap you can quickly make short videos that show simple steps and add some text around it in the blog.



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