June 19th – A Week With WordPress

Once you’ve setup your WordPress and looked through some of the setup options (type of site, layout of site, etc.) you’ll notice that the layout you choose is very different than the view on the screen.  This is a Content Manager Website – which we’ll dive into today.

June 19th – A Week With WordPress

As previously mentioned, WordPress is a content manager website which means you type your content into a few boxes and then the “content manager” part of it.  The very top box (above the Menu Bar) will be the title, then the content is below the Menu Bar.  Yesterday I spoke about using the “Add Media” button (the first on the left side of the Menu Bar).

As we move across the Menu Bar we have some similar buttons/options that we had in Google Docs with Paragraph/Heading 1/Heading 2 and so on.  These create “anchors” which you can create links to inside of your own page.

Wordpress Paragraph Options

Two other buttons/options I want to bring to your attention is the “Insert Read More Tag” and the HTML tab at the top right corner.

The “Insert Read More Tag” is great when you have multiple authors on your site and you want to find out what people are actually clicking on.  I used this with a class blog and would have students focus on the lead, or what hooks the reader in.  Then the “Read More” tag would accurately tell us who was reading that particular post.

Wordpress Insert Read More

The HTML is handy for modifying the code and inserting Vimeo and YouTube videos.  The “Add Media” button handles videos as well but the HTML allows you to control and “embed” videos from any website.  Pretty powerful.

Wordpress HTML


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