June 20th – A Week With WordPress

Once you’ve setup a site and played around with some of the features – you’ll want to move on to posting.  I’ve set aside two days for this, so today we’ll review how to post and scheduling – then tomorrow we’ll discuss connecting to social media and promoting it.

June 20th – A Week With WordPress

Once you’ve crafted some amazingly brilliant blog (or just this one) you’ll want to share it for the world to see.  There are a few ways in which you can accomplish this.  You can straight up post to everyone which is then put on the WordPress featured site (maybe) and then people can see your post.

On the left hand side of the WordPress draft page you have the ability to Post directly, or schedule for another time/date.

Wordpress Scheduling

This post now jumps off the track and we have a moment of internal reflection.  When do you read post/emails?  When are you at a computer and available to read a blog post?  When are you on your phone with commuting time to take a few minutes to read the musing of, well, hopefully me.

This is what you need to think about when you’re posting.  Twitter you can’t help – that should be in the moment and what you are thinking, but blogging should be planned, especially if it’s a post that requires some time.

I schedule most of my post for 11am EST which is often around a teachers lunchtime.  My main audience is teachers (which we all are at some point or another) so I want to make it available to them.  If your post is for 9-to-5ers think about posting around 8:45am so its one of the first things they’ll see as they are settling down.  If you have a blog about sports, think about the end of the work day as people are traveling home and have some leisure time to explore your post (and the stats you include within it to make a point) further.

As I’m working with students on their websites I ask them this same question – think about your audience and when they’ll have time to sit and read your post – it’ll mean more to them and they are more likely to click “Like” or “Follow” after reading your carefully scripted work.


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