June 21st – A Week With WordPress

Once you’ve thought long and hard about when to post – now let’s think about ways to further your reach.

June 21st – A Week With WordPress

While you have decided on a time to post, you can now start thinking about the reach of your particular post.  When I mentioned “advanced posting” I meant “posting with purpose” and looking at a few of the different options you have to post with.

Skip the “Categories & Tags” section, we’ll cover that in “organization” and look down at “Featured Image”, “Sharing” “Post Format” and “More Options”.

Wordpress Advanced Posting

Featured Image:

When posting with multiple media images, this helps you select the one you want to be seen before people click on your article.  You can also include images that aren’t in your post – but why do something like that?


Under sharing you’ll see the ability to connect your: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Path accounts, then an option to add/change buttons for sharing.  With the connected services you can also change the message posted to your social media feed to include hashtags and other things that might help people find your blog (I do this on occasion – and I only forget to because I’m a little lazy).

Post Format:

Post Format gives you the ability to pick what you post is, which helps you organize and style your website.

Wordpress Advanced Posting2

More Options:

The slug is the ending part of the URL that your page officially links to.  Since I have a post a day, I always make sure it says the correct date then the title (which is default).  More options also allow for an Excerpt, Location Services and Discussion to allow comments and Pingbacks (links within your blog that links to past blog post).  Pingbacks are helpful to create the “universe of knowledge” all within your site – and people then start to think “This person has all the answers – I’m going to frequent this post a lot”.


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