June 22nd – A Week With WordPress

Once we’ve gotten our content on the page and added the post to our Twitter feed, let’s discuss how to manage all that in the “universe of content” I mentioned in the last post.

June 22nd – A Week With WordPress

Management in a blog is key.  You want people to visit your site and stay, check out different things you’ve written and check out your thoughts, but people don’t have time to just search around anymore.  Using the Categories and Tags greatly helps others to navigate your thoughts gives them a means to be focused and keeps them coming back.

Wordpress Management

Since my blog is about Computer Science and Technology in the Classroom, my Categories are going to be places where people can hopefully go for informations that is important to them.  Tags do something very similar just are a little more free form.  On a persons home page when you click on the Category or Tag it’ll take you to all they have marked and if you want certain things to be found together (like my A Week With series) it’s helpful to the user.

Wordpress Management2

A helpful tip in management is to use the old school dashboard for the “Quick Edits” feature.  Honestly I don’t know where the old dashboard went – it wasn’t very attractive, but it got the job done.  You could also (see the GIF below) search by categories and tags and clean everything up (every once in a while I forget to remove the “uncategorized” category – that drives me nuts).

Tip: to get to the old dashboard – log into your wordpress and then visit dashboard.wordpress.com



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